Flying Ace

This bed has had a few changes made to it over the years to improve on the detailing on the bed. The blue version shown is the latest design including the fully detailed engine and also the US Air Force markings. First picture shows the plane in our newest colour scheme.

brit1-frontIMG 3587IMG 3605 (Medium)IMG 3594nb55-flyace2fly-ace-2-britishfly-ace-2-british2flying ace 1

As you can see in the pictures we can add your childs name to the cockpit as well as letting you choose either military markings or go for your own colour scheme as can be seen with the blue/red/yellow version shown.

List of options for this bed.

  • Colour options available for the following in non standard colours.
    • Primary colour
      • Main sides
      • Front and rear body
      • Spreader between wheels
    • Secondary colour
      • Upper wing
      • Lower front wings
      • Rear wing
      • Engine front
    • Highlight colour
      • Wing supports
      • Wheel supports
      • Rear legs
      • Tailplane
      • Top wing centre part
    • Name can be added under cockpit
    • Cockpit leather usually in dark brown or could match primary/secondary/highlight
    • Wheels black - wheel centres to match colours above.
    • Propellor - tan
    • Engine - silver
    • Engine sides to suit colours chosen
    • Details can include military symbols shown or stripes etc. For own designs a sketch would be required for us to quote for this.
    • Standard colour schemes
      • GB red/blue/white with union jack and roundels
      • USAF in blue/tan as shown
      • RAF 1 in light blue/light blue/tan with roundels
      • RAF 2 in light blue/dark blue/tan with roundels

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