The WW2 GPV or World War 2 General Purpose Vehicle to give its full description is based on the US military vehicles used during World War 2. This unique and very detailed bed is perfectly proportioned and can come in a range of either plain finishes, safari stripes or US Military markings with your own serial numbers based on your childs name and date of birth to make it truly unique. Comes with an opening bonnet/hood for access to the mattress, folding screen as per the original and also of course a steering wheel. As with all our themed vehicle beds it also comes with personalised number plates.

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Following is a list of the different options available

  • Standard version includes
    • Available as a standard single (2'6", 3', 1m euro or US Twin)
    • Comes with dashboard and steering wheel
    • Fold down screen
    • Bonnet raises for bed making
    • Acrylic mirror headlights
    • personalised number plates front/rear
    • Available in a range of colours
      • Olive green (for US military version)
      • White
      • Tan
      • Red
      • Yellow
      • Ice blue (very light blue)
      • Mid blue
      • Dark Blue
      • Lime green
      • Orange
  • Options Include
    • Military markings
    • Safari stripes
    • 2 colour camouflage
    • Spare wheel at rear
    • Working headlights
    • Working indicators/turn lights including hazard warning switch
    • This can be extended to rear brake lights and indicators
    • Additional personalisation to sides available

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